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Here is what a few of the users of HexEdit have said.  There are many more (although these are probably the most glowing) but I have not had time to go back through all my old email to extract them yet.  I have not included email addresses unless the user specifically requested me to, but most email addresses are available on request.

"I would like to say what a great job you have done with HexEdit. It is an excellent tool that has already saved me a lot of time and heartache. This is a tool that should come with Visual Studio, not that pathetic hex editor that is included. I was amazed at how well thought out and easy to use it was. The help is also first class.

A few years ago I was looking at hex editors. I think I tried yours but settled on a different one.What a mistake that was!! I have actually used 2 other popular hex editors in the meantime: one had a lot of features but was very hard to understand and the other was the opposite: on the surface it looked great but when you came to use it you realised that there was no substance to it.

I have just registered and I just wanted to email to say how happy I am. I wish all my software worked so well."
- Win Armstrong



Companies using Hex Edit

Nail Intel
Nail Symantec
Nail IBM
Nail Adobe
Nail Hewlett Packard
Nail Compaq
Nail Seagate
Nail Xerox
Nail American Express
Nail GeoSonics
Nail Boeing
Nail Agence Spatiale Canadienne

"First, I have to say that I am very, very impressed with you and I deeply appreciate your responsiveness and assistance!  ...  Your product is very good just as a hex/ebc/asc stream editor, but it is EXCELLENT with its template support (especially with the items you are adding)."
- Craig J. Conrad, PMP, MSPM  Sr. Project Manager Conversion Team (at large computer company)

"I want to commend you on a JOB WELL DONE on this one!  This is by far the best hex editor I've ever used, and I've used plenty.  My job requires that I frequently write analysis tools for data in a variety of formats, and HexEdit sure makes that job much easier!  The decision to register HexEdit came very easily.  The feel, look, and stability of HexEdit surprised me.  It far exceeds the quality of a program one usually expects to see in the shareware domain. ... Again, I just want to say GOOD JOB and thank you for such an excellent product!  I've taken a look at the source code for HexEdit 1.1 and I've learned a few things."
- David Ensminger

"I have tried many Windows binary file editors over the last 5 years.   Although Hex Edit does not have every single feature I have seen [soon to change - Ed.], it has all the essential and some I did not know I needed! ....  Your binary file editor is certainly the most user-friendly and reliable that I have tried."
- David Bornworth

"Easy to use but powerful binary editor. For straight hex editing is the easiest, most reliable app available."
- Alex

"Fantastic binary file editor, Andrew.  You really did a superb job for the Wintel community.  It's exactly the windows binary editor I was dreaming of for years."
- Stephane Riviere

"We are using Hex Edit with a pleasure during finishing our game, and my personal opinion is the hex editor is far superior in design and stability over similar commercial applications ... I have not found another application dealing this seamlessly with 400MB files we had to edit."
- Pawel Kalinowski (pirx @ mirage.com.pl), Project Manager, Mirage Media.

"I would like to congratulate you on an excellent job! After conducting a thorough search on the internet for hex editors, I found that Hex Edit surpasses all available hex editors. I greatly appreciate the effort you have invested into this fantastic software package."
- Kevin Bollhorst

"HexEdit 1.0 is AMAZING. ...Basically, I just wanted to commend what a great job you did."
- Robert J Russell Jr

"I just wanted to thank you for making Hex Edit available.  I had to do a quick comparison of some binary files and your software made it quick and easy."
- Roy Roberts

"I've been looking for a good HEX-editor for a week on the net. I tried all the editors of big organizations but yours is the best (hex editor)."
- Serkan ÖZYIGIT

"I'd like to say thank you for a fine Hexedit program. I think it's been very well done & was just what I needed at the time."
- mdurham @ aardvark.apana.org.au.

"I have read your excellent article in CUJ on set_range (which is just what I need) and found your even more excellent Hex Edit program as a result - just what I needed for the other CUJ article on CRC as it happens.   (Why can't M$ write nice stuff like this?)"
- Dr Paul A. Bristow

"Hex Edit is the best this type of program I have found. The calculator (alone) is worth the price."
- Olaf Svensen

"I have tried many hex editors and I have found this package to be the easiest to use and the features that I was looking for. The creators of HexEdit 2.0 have done a great job listening to the needs of their users."
- Joseph Bevins

"I make a lot of use of my hex editors in my job from time to time.   I have used [name of popular program deleted] for years, but I wish I had known of HexEdit sooner as it is much better.  For example, the hex calculator is 1000% better (no exageration). ... The background searching is brilliant as I often have to search for and investigate the same pattern in comms packets in fairly large files (100s Mbytes).  With HexEdit I find that by the time I have looked at the first occurance of the search bytes, HexEdit has already found the rest, which saves me a lot of time."
- Jerry Smith

"I spent hours getting a very tricky macro just right. I finally got it right and was giving it one last test before saving it when I accidentally clicked on the record instead of the play button. PANIC. I clicked the record button again and was very happy to find my macro still in tact. Thankyou. It is this sort of attention to details that makes Hexedit a joy to use.  It's the greatest hex editor around."
- D. Bornworth again (1 August 2001)

"This is a FREE program [HexEdit 1.1] from Andrew Phillips, and has to be the best utility of its kind anywhere."
- Sparky <http://www.sparkysworld.co.uk/links.htm>.

"I tried several different binary file editors before coming across HexEdit. All the features I needed, plus many more, were there!! HexEdit is easy to use and has view, editing and search customization options allowing me to set the system up for my particular needs. This is a MUST have tool for programmers of every kind."
- Dave Scott

"During the uni hols I spent mucho time (weeks) just scouring the Internet for programmer tools, source code and the best free utilities I could find. Not only is HexEdit the best around it is the only free/shareware program I tried that I was not disappointed with in any way whatsoever! Even the free version [version 1.1] is better than any of the other and the free source code blew me away, and I really appreciate you giving free [activation] codes to poor students like me."
- John Durian

"Hexedit is the best tool I've found for working with 390 host data on the PC. The ease in switching between EBCDIC and ASCII have made Hexedit a standard tool in our development lab."
- hydraht @ aol.com

"Extremely useful and well thought out."
- andicus

"From my limited use of Hexedit I can not see how it could be any better."
- Sam

"I have need for find hex in .exe files.  Hex Edit is the best hex editor for this."
- Pete Ivanovic

Online Reviews

Here are some review posted at different shareware sites, mainly DownLoad.com (http://download.com.com/3000-2352-9426913.html).  I could not get into contact with all authors to ask their permission to publish these but they were publicly available anyway, and I have not had any protests.

"Every programmer should have a copy!
I needed to understand TeX's DVI file format -- which is publicly documented. I used Hexedit in conjunction with the DVI documentation and it was absolutely indespensible in helping me get "under the hood".
- Graham Douglas, g.douglas @ readytext.co.uk

"A true life saver!!
There is no better hex editor out there! HexEdit has saved my life numerous times. Get it!"
- Russ Anderson, russ @ hortonbrook.com

"Well thought out, and extremely useful!
This is an excellent product. I haven't seen another hex editor that comes close to HexEdit. New features are frequently being added that make it an even better product. Highly recommended."
- A. Summerfield

"Powerful tool yet easy to use
Hexedit is a great tool with lots of nifty features which are really useful for the IT professional (not just gimmicks)."
- Jif

"This is an indispensable tool for anyone needing to examine files
Hexedit continues to surprise me with its powerful features. It has saved us dozens of hours working with obscure data files. I tried several other hex editors but none were up to the challenge except for HexEdit."
- David Cardinal

"Simple but feature full
I like this program. I suspect that I'm one of the more primitive users, only needing to check that some data files my program produces are being written correctly. I've never needed to read the help, the on-screen format options are great for pattern spotting. It's never crashed (under W98SE). Cut and paste works like I need it to."
- David Waine

"Best hex editor around
Very stable, easy to use. Haven't found a single bug yet! Excellent value."
- mark