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HexEdit 4.0: (includes all DLLs), size 9.9 MBytes, requires XP SP2 or later:  

MD5 of    12A0 992F 6807 D528 CFC6 BA3E B71B F672

SHA1of   374C C2C6 27A9 BB38 51EC E446 5287 ED6A 436B A793

HexEdit 4.0 source code (, size 1.4 MBytes) - includes projects for VS2008 (with feature pack), VS2010 and VS2012.

HexEdit 4.0 extras (, size 4.5 MBytes) - extra files for building HexEdit 4.0 (FreeImage library and Boost headers), plus help files, installer source files (WIX), graphics source files (Paint.Net)

For HexEdit Pro (shareware) downloads:



Nail Version 1.0 was free with
    source code.  We now
    provide ver. 3.0F for free!
    Source for 2.X is also
    available but requires the
    commercial BCG library.
  Earlier Releases

Nail HexEdit 3.6

Nail HexEdit 3.5

Nail HexEdit 3.4

Nail HexEdit 3.3


Installing the Binary Distribution

1. Extract the files from and run the installer HexEdit4.MSI and follow the instructions.

2. You may install the following optional components:

3. When the installation is complete remove the installation files if you extracted them from the zip file. You may want to keep the zip file in case you have to reinstall HexEdit or to pass along to friends and colleagues.

4. If you intend to run HexEdit from the command line then it needs to be found in your PATH. You can do this by adding the directory where you installed HexEdit to your PATH. Alternatively you can move HexEdit.EXE to a directory that is already in your path, although this may confuse any attempt to remove HexEdit from the system.

Note: Always keep the help file (HexEdit.CHM), the custom toolbar buttons file (DefaultToolbarButtons.bmp), the tips file (HexEdit.TIP), and the EBCDIC translation file (EBCDIC.TAB), if needed, in the same directory as the executeable (HexEdit.EXE).

Installing the Source Code

1. The zip files contains a directory tree, so extract "with folders".

2. VS2008 (with feature pack), VS2010 or VS2012 is required to build the project.

See HexEdit Article at CodeProject for more information.

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