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This page contains actual captured screen shots from Hex Edit 3.X.  (Some shots
are from earlier than 3.5 but only have superficial differences.)

Click any of the thumbnails below to see a full-size screen shot.

Options Dialog pages

opt_sys.gif (8301 bytes) opt_disp.gif (7434 bytes) opt_win.gif (9638 bytes) opt_col.gif (10011 bytes) opt_mac.gif (8844 bytes) opt_prn.gif (9990 bytes) opt_filt.gif (10973 bytes)



Customize Dialog pages

 shot_cust1.gif (8695 bytes)  shot_cust2.gif (7129 bytes)  shot_cust3.gif (5978 bytes)  shot_cust4.gif (8484 bytes)  shot_cust5.gif (9808 bytes)  shot_cust6.gif (8310 bytes)


Other Properties Dialog pages

prop1.gif (4410 bytes)  prop2.gif (4936 bytes)  prop3.gif (5150 bytes)  prop4.gif (4693 bytes)  prop5.gif (4663 bytes)

File Open dialog, Online Help, Key Map and Encryption dialogs

shot10.gif (9889 bytes)  shothelp.gif (22760 bytes)  shotkm.gif (14262 bytes)  shotalg.gif (10371 bytes)  shotpw.gif (5424 bytes)

Print Preview, Print dialog, Search tool drop down history list and tiled windows

shotpp.gif (45270 bytes)  shot8.gif (44178 bytes)  shot2.gif (28242 bytes)  shot3.gif (53615 bytes)

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File Menu, Edit menu (+ char only display), View menu (MSDOS char set)

 he21b.gif (22399 bytes)  he21c.gif (22086 bytes)  he21d.gif (31549 bytes) 

Tools menu (+ calculator), Window menu (+ properties dialog), Help menu

  he21e.gif (26448 bytes)   he21f.gif (25406 bytes)  he21g.gif (26702 bytes)  

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