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Getting started with hex editing and HexEdit.


Video Tutorials and Demos

These video tutorials cover everything from basic concepts of viewing and editing binary files using a hex editor to advanced features such as creating templates.

All tutorials are demonstrated and narrated by Andrew Phillips.

Each video takes from 3 to 9 minutes.


Display - how to use the HexEdit display.

Display Format - how to adjust the format of the display.

Highlighter - how to use the highlighter to make disconnected selections.

Ruler - all hail the ruler

Status Bar - there is more to the status bar than you think


Editing Introduction - now it's time to start modifying files.

Selecting - selecting and uses of the selection.

The Mark - the multitude of uses of the mark

Properties Dialog - viewing and editing bytes in a myriad of ways


Parser - how to use HexEdit's C/C++ parser to easily generate templates.